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3. WHY


The family that you come from shapes who you are today in powerful ways. See our "Reasons Why" page for more on how your childhood may have contributed to an affair.


As a take-home exercise, you will be asked to complete the Family of Origin Worksheets (PDF and Word formats) to the best of your ability. Sometimes filling out the forms themselves can be emotionally draining or difficult. Give yourself plenty of time to reflect on your childhood. Preparing these forms in advance will help the discussion with your therapist tremendously because you will have had a chance to think about important questions. 


Each partner will review the worksheets in therapy with their partner present. The partner whose family is not being reviewed will be present but will mainly be in listening mode. But by hearing the family background of their spouse, understanding and empathy can have a chance to grow.


Many couples like to schedule double sessions to be able to go deeper in the family of origin work. If you would like to do so, please let your therapist know in advance. Please email the completed worksheet to your therapist or upload it to the portal at least one hour before your session.


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