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Creating a healing path for couples after an affair can feel challenging and chaotic for clinicians if they do not have a rock-solid framework to support their clients. This is partially due to the a lack of exposure to working with affairs in graduate training programs. Matters are made even more difficult since affair recovery couples often come to the therapeutic relationship in complete crisis. It can feel overwhelming for the therapist who may abandon working with this group of people in need of help.

Because of this training vacuum, we have created Structured Affair Recovery Therapy (SART)™. The Affair Recovery Roadmap is the client-facing centerpiece of SART. For therapists interested in learning SART, we offer internships where you can learn the approach and gain the skills to working with couples healing from infidelity. The training and the clinical supervision are built on the years of practical counseling experience who couples have struggled with infidelity and found a recovery path. If you are interested, follow this link to the Couples Recovery Center careers page.

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