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Journey After Infidelity


Navigating the aftermath of infidelity is an intricate process, marked not just by pain and betrayal, but also by the potential for profound personal growth and deeper relational understanding. I recognize the complexity of emotions and challenges you face.


Healing from such a breach of trust requires a nuanced approach, one that honors your unique experience while facilitating a journey toward healing. Our therapeutic environment is designed to provide a sanctuary of empathy and non-judgment, where the tangled web of feelings can be safely unraveled and understood.


Whether the path leads to rebuilding the relationship with a renewed sense of trust and intimacy or forging a new direction independently, my support is tailored to assist in navigating this transformative period. By addressing the underlying dynamics and fostering open communication, the aim is to turn this pivotal moment into an opportunity for emotional and relational depth, guiding you towards a future defined by resilience and the potential for renewed connection.

My Story

It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Monica and I’m an Egyptian-American former lawyer turned therapist. My background in litigation, personal experiences with marriage, grief, immigration, and neurodiversity deeply inform my therapeutic approach. Motivated by a desire to help people navigate relationship dynamics rather than legal disputes, I bring a unique perspective to couples counseling.

My early encounters with loss have taught me about grief's universality and the resilience we can find in sadness, enabling me to support couples through challenging times. My own marriage has underscored the importance of communication, understanding, and mutual respect—key elements I use to assist couples in strengthening their connections.

Experiencing immigration first hand has provided me insights into the delicate balance between adapting to new cultures and preserving one's identity, ultimately aiding me in guiding couples with diverse backgrounds towards a harmonious relationship. In the same vein, embracing my neurodiversity has enriched my understanding of how cognitive differences can enhance relationship dynamics. This understanding guides my emphasis on refining communication and capitalizing on each individual's unique strengths during therapy, paving the way for deeper connections.

Overall, my approach to counseling blends analytical thinking from my legal career with a compassionate, empathetic style. I aim to offer a supportive space for couples to express themselves, address their challenges, and celebrate their relationship's growth and joy.

Neurodiverse Couples:


What is often missing from traditional couples counseling is the acknowledgment of diversity in neurotype, culture, career, and family dynamics. Drawing on my own personal experiences, which involve navigating the complexities of cultural adaptation, major career transitions, and my own neurodiverse marriage, I am dedicated to supporting couples in similar situations.


Our approach is rooted in acknowledging and celebrating these diversities, while working collaboratively with couples to create a harmony and synergy unique to them. In our sessions, we delve into the intersectionality of neurodiversity, culture, career, and family influences, with the goal of fostering a holistic approach to your relationship dynamic. Together, we explore the intricate interplay of these factors, creating a space where understanding, resilience, and celebration of differences form the foundation for lasting connections.


To put it simply: It’s impossible to truly know someone without acknowledging what makes them different. And as the old adage goes… to know someone is to love someone.


This is a therapy experience that not only acknowledges the diverse facets of your relationship, but also embraces them as catalysts for growth and harmony.


  • Masters of Science, Marriage and Family Therapy - San Diego State University

  • Post-Baccalaureate Psychological Science Program - University of California, Irvine

  • Juris Doctor - Georgetown University Law Center

  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science - University of California, Los Angeles


Client Focus
  • Affair Recovery

  • Couples

  • Neurodiverse Individuals

  • Autism & ADHD Assessments


Specialties and Certifications
  • Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

  • Neurodiverse Couples Specialist

  • Neuro-inclusive Nourishment Specialist

  • Neurodiverse Individual Specialist

  • Autism & ADHD Assessment Specialist

  • Brainspotting Certified - Level I (Trauma Processing)



In my therapy practice, I use and am trained in the following client-centered modalities as they align with my belief in the significance of emotions, personal narratives, and the mind-body connection in healing and personal growth:


  • Emotionally Focused Therapy

  • Brainspotting

  • Internal Family Systems

  • Narrative Therapy


  • Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist, AMFT #141520

  • Supervised by Dr. Harry Motro, LMFT #53452

  • Employed by New Path Couples Therapy Inc.

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