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If you made it here, to the Affair Recovery Therapy Center, you may feel like your world has been blown apart. Conversations with your partner just cause more hurt. Hurt escalates quickly to rage, aimed either at your partner or turned inward to yourself, mixed with shame and self-blame, leaving you deeply depressed and exhausted.



Please know that you are in the right place.


As the outreach arm of a 501c3 non-profit, our MISSION is to provide a healing recovery process to couples in need.


We are here to offer you a path toward sanity, healing and hope. We are a team of well-trained affair recovery specialists who use a carefully structured step-by-step guide to healing. We call this guide the Affair Recovery Roadmap.


The 7-step Roadmap has been developed based on time spent helping countless couples. It may appear overwhelming at first but most couples find it comforting if you take it one page at a time and lean on the support of your therapist when it feels like too much. You can get a preview of our Roadmap at this link.

Please know that the Roadmap will serve as a guide, NOT to set our direction in stone. In fact, as we get deep into therapy, the Affair Recovery path almost always varies. Your therapist will check in with you at the beginning of each session, asking what you would like to work on today (stay with our progression on the Roadmap, review a previous topic, or address a new issue?). Making good use of the Roadmap will prevent us from wandering around aimlessly as you work on your affair recovery.


We recognize relationships come in many shapes and sizes and that an affair can cause pain in a lot of them. Infidelity can devastate both a marriage and a committed long-term relationship.


We define infidelity as a breach of trust that occurs when a partner keeps sexual and/or romantic secrets from his or her primary romantic partner. With that said, it is ultimately up to the couple to determine whether an affair has taken place in your relationship.


We want to be clear that our Affair Recovery Roadmap is designed for ANY committed relationship, NOT JUST MARRIAGES!!


There are lots of websites that have offerings to help with affair recovery. We can only imagine how hard it is for you to decide where to put your trust.


Most of these sites connect you with an individual therapist who is a generalist who also works in affair recovery. They rarely have a well-developed system to support you.


On the other hand, there are a few sites that offer a structured program similar to our Roadmap. One such program is We recommend that you take a look at it. It’s reasonably priced and well-structured. 

The difference between this site and our approach at the Affair Recovery Therapy Center (ARTC) is:

We believe that the TRAUMA of an affair calls out for having your own personal therapist working exclusively with you as a couple.

There is a lot at stake and you may only get one chance to get it right. A book or course may be helpful and you may learn a lot by watching videos and participating in groups. But it is often not enough for couples who are constantly triggered, deeply in crisis, and desperately need help. In such cases, you need your own caring therapist, one who deeply understands both of you and your history together, to help walk you through the recovery process.


What makes us unique is that we offer the two essential elements for affair recovery:

  • a comprehensive structured Affair Recovery Roadmap, AND

  • a team of therapists who:​

    • are well-trained in trauma support and affair recovery, 

    • will get to know you and care about you, and

    • able to personally tailor the work to your unique needs.


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